Metro (metrogq) wrote in ohiostateuniv,

Kafe Kerouac/ 7 for $7 Beer Tasting This Friday!

Come to the 7 for $7 Beer tasting at Kafe Keroauc this Friday, at 8pm! This tasting will feature the beers of Baltika, a Russian brewery, and will be a rare opportunity to try the beers of a country not typically known for their long brewering history, and Baltika will be a rare treat for those wanting to try something well off the beaten path. Friday night will be busy with Halloween parties abounding, so be sure to start your night right with Kafe Kerouac, and's 7 for $7 Beer Tasting featuring the beers of Baltika!

Kafe Kerouac is located at 2250 N. High St., in Old North Columbus, and there is on-street parking available in addition to the lot at Kafe Kerouac.
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